Black Orchid Empire: veröffentlichen neue Single „Death From Above“

Studioalbum "Semaphore" erscheint am 12.06.2020

Das britische Rock-Trio Black Orchid Empire veröffentlichten mit Death From Above die dritte Single aus ihrem neuen Studioalbum Semaphore, welches am 12.06.2020 über Long Branch Records erscheint.

Das Video zu Death From Above gibt es hier zu sehen:

Black Orchid Empire Gitarrist und Sänger Paul Visser über die neue Single:
“This is one of the heavier songs from Semaphore, and features a riff we’ve been tinkering with since touring Yugen. We’re experimenting on this record with pushing our boundaries both in terms of melody and technicality, and Death From Above is an example of one of the more progressive metal-influenced songs on the album. Lyrically it’s inspired by the amazing work of Richard Morgan and his Takeshi Kovacs series, he’s one of my favourite SF writers. The song is about the winged, raptor-like Martians that feature in his books (and more recently Altered Carbon on Netflix), and the technology they left behind. I especially love the middle section, it’s so much fun to sing over that dreamy, ambient landscape. Then Dave and Billy lock in with their syncopated rhythm and it’s an awesome moment. We can’t wait to see the crowd reaction when we play this one live.” 

Semaphore Trackliste:

  1. Emissaries
  2. Singularity
  3. Natural Selection
  4. Motorcade
  5. Red Waves
  6. Heliopause
  7. Winter Keeps Us Warm
  8. Dust
  9. Faces
  10. Death From Above
  11. Evergreen
  12. Monolith
  13. Crash