Forgetting The Memories: veröffentlichen Single „Mask Ov Lies“

Album "Vemod" erscheint am 24. September 2021

Die schwedische Metalcore Band Forgetting The Memories legt mit Mask Ov Lies eine neue Single vor. Mask Ov Lies ist der zweite Vorbote aus dem neuen Studioalbum Vemod, das am 24. September 2021 über Long Branch Records erscheint.

Die Single Mask Ov Lies sowie das Album Vemod gibt es hier:

Forgetting The Memories über die neue Single Mask Ov Lies:
„This song is about a journey through the life of a person who has a very distant relationship with his dad and the effect it has to the beholder. The song takes a dark dive into what goes through the head of the son who sees nothing but the wrong doings of his father. When it comes to becoming a parent of his own, he is eager to be the better parent to give a better life to his child.“

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