Forgetting The Memories: veröffentlichen neue Single „From Soot“

Album "Vemod" erscheint am 24. September 2021

Die schwedische Metalcore Band Forgetting The Memories legt mit From Soot eine neue Single vor. From Soot ist der dritte Vorbote aus dem neuen Studioalbum Vemod, das am 24. September 2021 über Long Branch Records erscheint.

Seht hier das Video zu From Soot:

Forgetting The Memories über die neue Single From Soot:
This song is about by making certain acts that can be the end of everything that you love. In this case From Soot is a story of a man who mistakenly burns down his home with his family still inside. In prison he’s waiting for the end of his days, he finally accepts death as his only way out. So that he too, can be with his family once again.

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Forgetting The Memories – Vemod