Mastiff: veröffentlichen ihre neue Single „Endless“

Mastiffs einzigartige Kombination aus Blackened Sludge, Grindcore und Powerviolence erzeugt eine düstere und chaotische Atmosphäre, die klingt, als hätte die Ausgeburt von Crowbar, This Is Hell und Napalm Death ein Album im Feuersee komponiert. Das Bulldozer-Getöse von Mastiff ist vergleichbar mit der Katharsis, etwas in Brand zu setzen, nur um es brennen zu sehen.

In nur fünf Tagen im No Studio mit Produzent Joe Clayton (Pijn, Wren, Leeched), ist das dritte Album der Band, Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth entstanden. Nach der Zwangspause durch die Pandemie kommen Mastiff mit einem Album zurück, dass eine weitaus größere Palette an Sounds mit sich bringt als die Vorgänger Alben.

Zur ersten Single Endless sagt die Band folgendes:
It still feels like some kind of fever-dream that we’re working with eOne on our new record. Collectively, some of our favorite bands of all time have been part of this label, so it’s absolutely mind-blowing that we might be spoken of in the same breath as them. Since conversations first began with the team, they’ve been so supportive and enthusiastic about our grotty little band and the album we’ve made. We felt pretty sure that we’d made something quite special this time around and knowing that people with long and illustrious histories in the metal industry felt the same way – not to mention people who’ve worked with some of the genre’s biggest and best – it’s a pretty spectacular vote of confidence for five miserable miscreants from Hull.

‘Endless’ is one of the earlier songs we wrote for the new record. It feels in a way like a microcosm of the whole album, in that it’s all over the place sonically yet somehow hangs together coherently. It goes from this shockingly anthemic — if not quite melodic — blackened opening, through a sinister chuggy bridge, and then ends in a chaotic, ‘90s-Converge-breakdown. Lyrically, it’s a bit of a meditation on the helplessness that comes when a human being becomes an emotional bargaining chip in a broken-down relationship. Typical jolly MASTIFF fare, really. We’re so disgustingly happy with how the video turned out too. Our old mate and Hull native Stew Baxter helped us put together a grimy, raw promo that feels in part a direct homage to some of the early-‘00s metalcore videos that inspired us so much back in the day, and part like a CCTV feed catching a crime against music on tape.

Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth erscheint als CD, LP und über alle digitalen Formate.

Mastiff – Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth