Alunah: Das neue Album kommt im September 2014

Birmingham’s Psychedelic Stoner Doom Band ALUNAH haben die Studioarbeiten für ihr drittes Album, welches im September 2014 über Napalm Records erscheinen wird, abgeschlossen!

Sängerin & Gitarristin Sophie Day über die Arbeiten im Studio:

„After an intense and inspiring week spent at Priory Recording Studios in Canwell with Greg Chandler, we have now finished recording our third album. Having worked with us on our past albums as well as fronting the majestic Esoteric, Greg shares our vision and understands where we are coming from in terms of sound and songwriting. We have spent the last few months writing and reworking the songs over and over again until we were all happy, and have pushed ourselves in terms of playing/singing technique. To hear the songs sounding as we envisioned them is wonderful, and hugely rewarding. Tony Reed will begin the mixing and mastering process in the next few days, and we cannot wait for you all to hear the end result!“

Ergattert hier einen Einblick in die Arbeiten am neuen Album von ALUNAH vor Ort im Studio: