Suicidal Angels & Skull Fist kündigen gemeinsame Europa-Tour an

Um den Fans ihr neues Album „Division Of Blood“ (VÖ: 27. Mai via NoiseArt Records) zu präsentieren, werden sich die Griechen SUICIDAL ANGELS im Herbst mit den kanadischen Heavy-Metal-Monstern SKULL FIST und den belgischen Thrashern EVIL INVADERS  zusammentun, um Europa zu betouren.

SUICIDAL ANGELS kommentiert:
„Soon after the festival season comes to an end we’ll hit the road again for the European part of the Division of Blood World Tour. Along with Skull Fist and Evil Invaders we join forces to offer you a young, fresh and killer package! Loud stages, killer nights and a lot of headbanging is what comes as a promise from this combination! Division of Blood European Assault it is, check the poster below, choose your town, pick your date and meet you all soon. It’s gonna be killer!“

SKULL FIST fügt hinzu:
„This tour is something we are wicked syked about, It’ll be with a new album, with new shoes, new pants, new attitude and after much needed brain rest, this will be the first time in our fistory with our 3rd album in which we’ve decided it’s all about the music braa. The bands we are touring with are wicked fast and heavy so in celebration of this we will up the tempo’s an entire 2 beats and casey will sing backups like chuck schuldiner haha The release date for the next album will be announced very soon but obviously now you know it will be sometime around this date!“

EVIL INVADERS sagen zur Tour:
„We’re currently still touring in South-America but we’re already beyond thrilled to announce our upcoming European tour with Sucidal Angels and Skull Fist this fall! It’s exciting to think about the crowd since this package is combining the coolest subgenres in today’s Metal scene. We can’t wait to join this battle and to raise some fucking HELL!  By the way, we will release some brand new material right on this tour and we can’t wait to share it with all of you! More info about it will follow very soon! This tour is gonna be wild as fuck!“

Die Tourdaten lesen sich wie folgt:

29/09/2016 – NL – Enschede – Atak
30/09/2016 – GER – Essen – Turock
1/10/2016 – NL – Leeuwarden – Neushoorn
2/10/2016 – UK – London – Underworld
3/10/2016 – GER – Osnabrueck – Bastard Club
4/10/2016 – GER – Hamburg – Bambi Galore
5/10/2016 – FR – Colmar – Le Grillen
6/10/2016 – GER – Neunkirchen – Stummsche Reithalle
7/10/2016 – BE – Vosselaar – Biebob
8/10/2016 – FR – Paris – Petit Bain
9/10/2016 – FR – Nantes – Ferrailleur
11/10/2016 – ES – Madrid – Penelope
12/10/2016 – POR – Lisbon – RCA Club
13/10/2016 – ES – Murcia – Garaje
14/10/2016 – ES – Barcelona – Salamandra 1
16/10/2016 – IT- Brescia – Circolo Colony
19/10/2016 – GER – Weinheim – Café Central
20/10/2016 – GER – Nuremberg – Der Cult
21/10/2016 – GER – Munich – Backstage
22/10/2016 – AT – Dornbirn – Schlachthaus
23/10/2016 – CH – Zurich – TBA
24/10/2016 – AT – Vienna – Viper Room
25/10/2016 – CZ – Prague – Modra Vopice
26/10/2016 – HU – Budapest – Barba Negra
27/10/2016 – PL – Warsaw – Hydrozagadka
28/10/2016 – PL – Cracow – Zascianek
29/10/2016 – GER – Leipzig – Hellraiser
30/10/2016 – GER – Berlin – Bin Nuu

Der Ticket-Vorverkauf startet in Kürze!