Short And Crisp: Artists let their musical pants down Pt. 48

Today with Gabriele Palermo from Tragedian

Short And Crisp is simply about musicians answering 30 questions about music in general within a very short time. In short intervals the most different artists will let their musical pants down in front of you.

Today Gabriele Palermo from Tragedian will answer our questions.

My earliest childhood memory that has something to do with music was:
Listening to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple & Rainbow as the records were played by my older brother and sister.

I still remember these treasures from the music collection of my parents:
My parents only listened to the radio. My older brother and sister collected. Through my brother I discovered Rainbow Rising and Heaven And Hell from Black Sabbath and through my sister, Deepest Purple, The Very Best Of Deep Purple.

My father often tormented me with the music of
The Polish Polka hour on AM Radio

I had these music posters / band posters on the walls of my children’s room / youth room:
Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden & Mötley Crüe

The first self-bought album was:
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers

I still like to listen to this song from my childhood:
Pictures Of HomeDeep Purple

The first gig I attended was:
Deep Purple / GuiffriaPerfect Strangers Tour

My first trials at an instrument were:

My favourite song is:
Desperate HeartRainbow

The first time I got in touch with Rock/Metal was:
AutographPlease Sign In, Iron MaidenNumber Of The Beast

Besides Rock/Metal I also like:
Jazz, Funk, Klassik, Euro Dance & Trance

When I am driving with my car I listen to:
The fast titles from Iron Maiden, Labyrinth, Dragonforce & Axel Rudi Pell

To a romantic evening belongs music from:
Joe Satriani, Aldo Nova, Roxette

During sex I do not like the background music of … at all:
No music during sex..

During my wedding is being played/was played:
Shelter MeFates Warning

During my funeral should be played:
Iron MaidenWasted Years & We Only Say GoodbyeFates Warning

This band/artist is a weaning?
No one, different music for different people

My favourite band is:
Always rotating between Rainbow, Iron Maiden & W.A.S.P.

The most underrated band of all time is:

This embarrassing album is in my collection:
Don’t have one.

I am particularly proud of this treasure in my collection:
Anything with Ritchie Blackmore, anything I played on, Crimson IdolW.A.S.P., LabyrinthReturn To Heaven Denied

I would visit the concert of this band for the sake of my partner:
I’m open to pretty much anything especially to anything that isn’t in my music collection.

I like to sing this song under the shower:
Strangers In The NightFrank Sinatra

The best concert I ever attended was:
Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen 1990

I attended this concert apart from Rock/Metal:

I don’t need another concert of this band/artist:

I can’t stand still during a concert of:
Iron Maiden

These three songs can’t be missed on a perfect mix tape:
Future WorldPretty Maids
Life In Still WaterFates Warning
The Crush Of LoveJoe Satriani

Three records I would take with me on a desert island:
Iron MaidenSomewhere In Time
Fifth AngelTime Will Tell
Burning PointFeeding The Flames

I love to sing along to this popular song, when I’m drunken:
Disco Pogo

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