Wizdoom: veröffentlichen heute Debüt-EP “Trolldoom“

Video für "Way Of The Lost" online

Die schwedische Doom Blues Band Wizdoom freut sich, heute ihre Debüt-EP Trolldoom zu veröffentlichen! Zur Feier des Tages erscheint außerdem ein neues Musikvideo zu dem Song Way Of The Lost.

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”This song, Way Of The Lost is one that I’m very attached to, there were so many feelings going into the song while writing it. It is a doom metal ballad that starts off very soft with acoustic instruments and a very emotional vocal melody together with the noise of a wood fire, making you feel like you are out in the forest sitting at a campfire. Then the song builds up, adding more instruments, getting more intense but still at a very slow tempo, and later on finishes off in the same style as it started, similar to a story. This is a song with huge dynamics. The lyrics are inspired by the Norse folklore creature ”skogsrå”, which will make you pretty much forever lost in the woods or whatever context that fits you.”Chris. D

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