Unleashed - Summer Breeze 2014 - Bild by Toni B. Gunner – mondkringel-photography.de

Unleashed: veröffentlichen zweiten Track-by-Track Trailer

Warriors!!! Der Schlachtruf wurde ausgerufen! Mit ihrem neuen Album »Dawn Of The Nine«, hat die legendäre, schwedische Band UNLEASHED aus dem Blut und dem Geist ihrer Wikinger-Vorfahren eine moderne Death-Metal-Waffe geschmiedet.
Die Band bietet Euch nun in Form des zweiten Track-by-Track Trailers einen Vorgeschmack auf ihr anstehendes Studioalbum.

Mastermind Johnny erklärt Euch Genaueres zur Idee hinter den Songs.

Schaut Euch das Video – inkl. Song-Snippets – hier an:

Den ersten Teil gibt es hier zu sehen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF5Lq4guYBo

Oder lest die Track-by-Track-Kommentare hier:

Where is your god now?:
The Battalions of the World now embark on a quest to hunt down White Christ and to challenge him personally. Needless to say, he must face the atrocities he is responsible for.
But just like any other coward, it seems that he has fled to higher ground. The Hammer Battalions are ready, waiting eagerly…… Where is your god now?”

The Bolt Thrower:
The Midgard Warriors and their elite forces (the Hammer Battalions) are being led by the new avenger of Odalheim.
Just like his father before him, he is known by many names. His warriors call him The Bolt Thrower.

Let the Hammer fly:
As the battle rages and Christ is nowhere to be found, no mercy is given to the women slayers of White Christ.
Vengeance is taken for their deeds in the battle at Uppsala fields. Victorious and courageous, the Midgard Warriors now move their forces further up north.

Where churches once burned:
The Midgard Warriors now march across the northern lands to take back the land of our fathers, village by village, land by land.
Churches are burned. And the Hammer of Thor is reinstated.

Schaut Euch auch das Lyric-Video zur ersten Single ‚Where Is Your God Now?‘ an:

Quelle: Nuclear Blast Records